Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust you enough to purchase from you?

We work hard to get good reviews. You can give us a review on PriceCheck, even if you did not reach us through that platform. We would appreciate an honest review.

Can I contact you?

As we do not have a shopfront, we also might not be close to a telephone all of the time. You can contact us by typing your question on the Contact Us page and we will respond in a couple of hours max.

How do payments work?

We use PayFast as our payments gateway. With PayFast, credit card payments are easy, but you do not have to supply your credit card details if you do not want to. They also provide bank account numbers for the major banks to do a funds transfer should you prefer to use that option. Once payment reflects at PayFast, we get confirmation of a successful payment and we start preparing your order.

How does the package get to me?

We only deliver using courier. We use “The Courier Guy” and Fastway and have rarely if never had problems with them.

What will a courier delivery cost me?

We charge a flat rate of R65 for courier delivery to anywhere in South Africa. (For really far-off places our courier charges a special fee. If you are situated in one of these remote locations please let us work out a quote for delivery to your address first)

How long does delivery take?

In Gauteng delivery is next day in 90% of cases except if The Courier Guy is under heavy load, in which case a day can be added to delivery.

In other Metropolitan areas (large cities) like Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth courier delivery is overnight in 90% of the cases.

In all other areas delivery can be up to 3 days.

Can I come to collect the order?

We are an internet-only business that do not have a store front with credit card machines. Our courier delivery mechanism works so well you will have the item you purchased after at most 3 working days post purchase, conveniently delivered to your home or place of business. Please ensure that you specify an address where someone will be present during working hours.

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