The Best Way To Learn Photography On-Line

The Best Way To Learn Photography On-Line

Photography is an art form that is easy to get started in, but takes life-long learning to master and perfect. Plus, developments and progresses in photographic technology are constantly being made that serious photographers need to stay current with. Thankfully, there is a plethora of cost-effective resources available online to help you out on the journey. To save you time from weeding through the overwhelming number of photography websites and blogs out there, here is a list of the best websites that deserves a place on every photographer’s bookmarks.      

Digital Photography School

Arguably the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible websites to learn photography out there, DPS covers all aspects of the craft. Their seemingly limitless articles are current, in-depth and written by various experts. You can learn almost everything under the sun there is about photography – shooting tip and tricks, equipment, post-processing, creativity, even the business side of taking photos and occasionally about the lost art of analog photography. New articles are added every week, and there is also an active user community forums to trade knowledge with individuals pursuing a similar passion.        

DIY Photography

It is well known that photography is an expensive pursuit. But do not let the lack of fancy equipment and lighting gear get in the way of your creative exploration! DIY photography is a blog for photographers on a budget. You can find a lot of experimental projects to hone your skills with whatever tools you have, and learn how to create lighting setups with materials that can be easily found at craft stores.   

Cambridge in Colour

A comprehensive site for attaining a firm grasp of photography basics, CiC is the place to be if you want to learn about every feature and button function on your DSLR. There is also a lively forum for photographers to share their work and receive feedback from peers. The forums do hold regular contests and challenges where members vote for the winners.         

The Best Way To Learn Photography On-Line

Photo Naturalist

Nature photography is one of the most challenging and fascinating niches. After all, what can be more rewarding than taking your camera outdoors and capturing the beauty of nature’s many wonders? Let Photo Naturalist show you how it’s done – from insects, flora and fauna to landscapes and stars in the night sky.   

Learn Food Photography

This site is a good starting point to learn techniques for creating professional looking and artistic, yet mouth-watering shots of all things edible. Learn how to style, light and tell stories with food with their free 30-day course, complete with assignments to help take your food photos to the next level! 


One of the most challenging aspects of photography is learning to use lighting effectively. The Strobist is you artificial lighting go-to site. From mastering the use of your flash gun to elaborate lighting set up for a variety of subject, you can find it all here.


Are you confident enough to take your photography skills to the next level? Let the pros be your guide! FStoppers is simply the best place for behind-the-scenes videos featuring seasoned photographers.

Photography Blogger

When you have been immerse in improving your photography for a while, it is normal to feel like you are stuck in a rut. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to reignite the spark of enthusiasm; perhaps a new shooting location, a never tried before creative technique or new ways to frame a familiar subject. At the Photography Blogger, you will find a great collection of articles and tutorials that will make you want to grab the camera and head out the door.

Picture Correct

Whatever your niche is or if you haven’t found one yet, here is a great blog with tons of introductory and how-to articles mostly focused on the technical side of taking photos. Some of their tutorials are also available for purchase in ebook format.  

Production Stills

Photographing promotional still images for movies and television production on the set is an exclusive niche where the opportunity is not easily available. Argus Young is an England-based set photographer with an extensive knowledge and experience, as well as an impressive portfolio of work. On his blog, he shares tips and tricks of shooting on set, and also offers practical pointers on getting into this small photography niche.     

Virtual Photo Studio

If making photography your livelihood is an ultimate goal, this site has plenty of advice from experienced professionals on how not to end up a starving photographer. Learn how to find your niche, organize your portfolio, negotiate rates, copyrights laws to know, and most important of all, how to promote yourself online. It’s not all business though; there are also articles on producing the best shots for various niches, especially the sought-after ones like weddings, lifestyle and editorial shoots.       


There is no better platform to get your work noticed than maintaining a social media presence. EyeEm is Germany-based “community and marketplace for real photography” that has a mobile app to go along. More than just a shoot, filer and share app, EyeEm is dedicated to help photographers improve their art with a blog filled with how-to articles. The community also holds regular photography missions where there are prices to be won. Furthermore, EyeEm also allows you to sell licensing to your work at their marketplace.   


Do the terms time-lapse, HDR and panoramic photography interest you? Or do they sound intimidating? Here is a blog where you can learn about them! Updated three times a week, with short articles, video tutorials and audio podcasts, this a site worth looking into for intermediate to advance photographers who would like to explore those three photographic specialties.    

Photo Competitions

This website isn’t really a place to learn photography techniques, but to get news on various photography competitions around the world. Participating in competitions can become part of the learning process as they give the photographer goals to strive for, and also allow them to learn from mistakes. Besides, there is no greater morale boost than having mustered up the courage to present your work to be judged. For all you know, it could lead to a career breakthrough!   


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